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February 10th, 2015

No-Dig Show 2015 in Denver, Colorado


January 27th, 2015

Living Safety - Safety Stand Down 2015


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Environment & Community

Reducing the impact that pipeline and utility installations have on the environment and the community is of the utmost importance at The Crossing Company. Horizontal Directional Drilling is a process that is almost exclusively utilized to minimize the environmental impact on sensitive areas. We regularly operate in environments and ecosystems in which endangered species exist and environmental preservation is the first priority.

The Responsible Choice

When compared to typical pipe trenching installations, our compact HDD rigs have a surprisingly small footprint and are the clear choice when it comes to reducing your overall environmental impact. With a single entry and exit point, there is minimal ground disturbance at both ends of the installation and no impact through the entire length of the installation. Our environmental procedures meet or exceed all industry standards and are based on The Crossing Company's rigorous Environmental Management System (EMS).

Advanced monitoring systems, non-toxic drilling fluids, downhole pressure monitoring, in-house custom data management software, and advanced drill and intersect techniques all allow us to meaningfully control the likelihood of any environmental difficulties. We have operated in the heart of urban centers and in the most remote rural areas. Regardless of the location, we maintain the same industry leading practices. From rig up to rig out we leave areas in which we operate just as they were found.

We're proud of the solid reputation we've earned, both with Provincial and Federal regulators, and look forward to bringing those standards to your next project.